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Very wide cheekbones round out head, look out of proportion to muzzle, lose height and plane Wide cheekbones with crisp lines emphasize wedge shape High cheekbones with width for eye Narrower cheekbones don't allow for such a large eye, eye may tilt, wedge  often becomes longer than wide Very narrow cheekbones result in a straighter line from muzzle to ear, no sense of crossing planes.  Eyes small and/or tilted
Registering Organization Points Description
Head Shape
Head shape/size:  Face broad, at eye level looks broader due to thick fur at side of head.
CCA 10
Head & Neck
Head: The face is broad at eye level and looks broader due to thick fur at the side of the head. 
CFA 20
Head & Neck
Head:  The face is broad across the eyes due to wide eye-set and thick fur.
FIFe 25
Head:  Short wedge (no description of cheekbones).  Faults:  Square head.  Round head.
Head & Ears
Head:  Short wedge (no description of cheekbones).
Head Shape
Head shape:  Two planes formed by the high, wide cheekbones.