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Sound color, no tail rings or tabby markings apparent anywhere Sound color, fewer tail rings or paler rings Sound color; may have a few residual tail rings Unsound color, may have browning; increased intensity of any tabbying Unsound color; heavy tabbying apparent on body
Registering Organization Points Description
Color: Even, bright blue throughout with lighter, lavender color preferred. Guard hairs silver tipped giving coat lustrous appearance. No white. Ghost tabby markings permitted on kittens.
CCA 20
The colour should be an even bright blue throughout.

Blue:  Silver blue overall without shading or tabby markings.

CFA 20
Color: Even bright blue throughout.
FIFe 10
Blue-grey coat, even and clear, with a distinct silver sheen. Medium blue-grey with a silver sheen preferred. 
Faults:  Tabby markings, bars or shading ("ghostmarkings")
Colour - Clear blue and even throughout with a distinct silvery sheen. Medium blue is preferred. The coat must be blue to the roots, which may be fractionally lighter in tone, and the hairs must show no banding or silver tipping although there may be absence of pigment at the tip. In maturity the coat should be free from tabby markings or shading, although ghost markings may show in kittens.
Color: Even bright blue throughout.  Deeper tipping preferred making the cat appear lighter in color.  Guard hairs tipped with silver, with deeper tipping preferred.  This silver tipping is not due to the action of the Inhibitor (silver) gene.  Ghost tabby markings permitted on kittens.

General Description: Of a medium blue color with silver tipping of the guard hairs, the coat reflects light, giving a silvery sheen to the fur.  Silver-tipped guard hairs should contrast against solid blue ground color when hair is stroked against the grain.  The coat is an even bright blue throughout, with deeper tipping preferred making the cat appear lighter in color.