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Dense; can draw patterns in coat; touching cat leaves a handprint Thicker; feels padded when stroking the cat with the grain; stands up when ruffed; breaks open over chest in repose and body when moving. Thick; non-resilient; stays standing when ruffed against the grain Medium; double coat lies flat; no padded feel Thin; coat lies flat; not double
Registering Organization Points Description
Coat: Short, dense, fine and plush. Lies out from body due to thick undercoat. May best be felt by stroking toward the head.
CCA 25
The double coat should be short, very dense, fine and plush-like.  The coat stands out from the body due to the thick undercoat.  This may best be felt by stroking the head.
CFA 20
Coat: Short, dense, fine, and plush. Double coat stands out from body due to density. It has a distinct soft and silky feel.
FIFe 20
Short and dense and very fine; standing up like plush; soft and silky. Double coat. The texture and appearance of the coat is very different from those of any other breed.  Faults:  Coat: Flat lying coat
The coat is double with a very dense undercoat: the whole coat is very fine, short and soft with no harsh feel to it, very different in texture from any other breed and the truest criterion of the Russian. Faults: Flat coat
Length:  Short  Texture:  Fine:  Soft, silky  Density: Dense, plush, double coat