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Ears more on side of head than top.  Ears stop framing cheekbone planes and angle outward.  Known as "airplane ears". Ears are still placed as much on top as on side however the width at the base gives the appearance of more on the side than the top.  Ears frame cheekbone planes. Ears are placed as much on top of head as on side, moderate width of base emphasizes placement. Ears frame cheekbone planes. Ear set moving slightly more toward top of head than side.  Good width at base of ear prevents vertical set however outside edge of ear is moving toward vertical. Ears more on top of head than side partly.  Vertical set emphasized by narrow width at the base of the ear set on narrower modified wedge.  
Registering Organization Points Description
All aspects.
Rather large, almost as wide at base as they are tall and set far apart as much into side as top of head. Ears look pointed as hair tufts finish off where slightly rounded tips stop.
All aspects.
The ears are rather large, almost as wide at the base as they are tall.  They are set far apart and low into the side of the head.  They have slightly rounded tips.  Inside furnishings cover approximately one-half of the otherwise bare, translucent ear area.  Outside of the ears is scantily covered with short fine hair.
All aspects.
Rather large and wide at the base. Tips more pointed than rounded. ... Set far apart, as much on the side as on the top of the head.
FIFe 25
Head & Ears
Large and rather pointed, wide at the base. They are set vertically to the head. 
Head & Ears
Large and pointed, wide at the base and set vertically to the head. The ear placement is such that the outer line of the ears continues the line of the upper part of the face, although in mature males with jowls this will be less apparent.
All aspects.
Almost as wide at base as tall; appear pointed; slightly rounded tips.  Rather large, set far apart, as much on the side as top of head.