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Round eyes, tend to give startled expression Almost round eye Oval eye Large almond eye Small almond eye, tends to give more severe expression
Notes:  The eyes are very important to the Russian Blue and a significant number of points are allotted to them for color and shape.  Wedge shape affects the eye shape.  The broader the cheekbone plane, the rounder the eye.  The narrower wedge changes the shape to almond.  Really narrow wedges result in small eyes which may also be deep set or close set.  A large eye with good width between the eyes is the desired eye shape.
Registering Organization Points Description
ACFA 5 Shape/Set Almost round, just oval enough to show oriental slant. Set one eye width or more apart. 
(Note:  15 points total for eyes.)
CCA 5 Shape/Set The eyes are almost round, but just oval enough to show a slight oriental slant.  
CFA 5 Set wide apart. Aperture rounded in shape. (Note:  15 points total for eyes.)
FIFe 10
Total Eyes
Large and almond in shape; set wide apart.  Faults: Round eyes
Total Eyes
Set rather wide apart, almond in shape, not small and deep set.
TICA 10 Rather large, almost round, just oval enough to show oriental slant.  Set far apart.