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Blunt with more width, rounded appearance to the muzzle.  Appears pinched due to narrow cheekbone plane.  Wider cheekbone planes with the wider muzzle would give the whole head a soft round look. Blunt with good width.  Distinct planes in muzzle and cheekbones however width starts to soften angularity of planes. Blunt.  Distinct planes in both muzzle and cheekbones.  Clear where the two planes cross each other without pinched look. Pinched.  Check bone structure to see if it is smooth or if there is a true whisker pinch.  Muzzle looks out of balance to rest of head. Pointed.  Very narrow through the muzzle. No distinct muzzle plane, blends into cheekbone plane.
Registering Organization Points Description
ACFA 10 Head No description of muzzle included in standard.
CCA 10
Head & Neck
The muzzle is blunt and forms part of the total wedge.  There is no exaggerated pinch or whisker break.  When the whiskers are drawn back, the true head profile appears.
CFA 20
Head & Neck
Muzzle is blunt, and part of the total wedge, without exaggerated pinch or whisker break.  MUZZLE: Smooth, flowing wedge without prominent whisker pads or whisker pinches.
FIFe 25 Head Prominent whisker pads. Strong chin.  (No specific description of overall muzzle included in standard.)
Head & Ears
The whisker pads are prominent giving a broad end to the head.
Head shape
Two planes in the muzzle (one on each side).  Muzzle:  Medium length.  Muzzle Break:  None.