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Long neck does not appear short despite high shoulder blades and dense coat Slightly longer neck on lower shoulder blades or  with less dense coat Long neck appearing short due to high shoulder blades and thick coat Slightly shorter neck Short neck
Registering Organization Points Description
Head Shape
Head Shape/Size: Neck is long but does not appear so in repose, due, again, to thick fur.
CCA  10
Head & Neck
The neck is long, but does not appear so in repose, due to an accumulation of thick fur and because of the high placement of the shoulder blades.
CFA 20
Head & Neck
Neck: long and slender, but appearing short due to thick fur and high placement of shoulder blades.
FIFe 25 Head
30 Body
Neck: Long and straight.  (No indication as to whether Neck is part of Head or Body.)
GCCF 20 Head
20 Body
No description.  (Body includes Body, Legs and Tail.)
Neck:  Long, (but may appear short due to dense fur) and slender.