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Severely overshot; lower jaw much longer than upper.  May see teeth in really severe cases. Overshot, lower jaw juts out creating / angle to plane                                          Vertical | Undershot, lower jaw/chin recede creating \ angle Severely undershot.  In really severe cases, there will be a significant gap and upper teeth may be outside mouth.  Inner teeth may be digging into gums and causing health problems.
Registering Organization Points Description
Head shape
No description.
CCA 10
Head & Neck
No description.
CFA 20
Head & Neck
CHIN: perpendicular with the end of the nose and with level under-chin. Neither receding nor excessively massive.
FIFe 25
Strong chin.
Head & Ears
The tip of the chin should line up with the tip of the nose in the same vertical plane. The chin should be strong and deep with a level bite.  Faults:  Weak chin and/or uneven bite.
Head shape:  A vertical line from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the chin.  Chin: Flat vertical plane from tip of nose to bottom of chin.  Penalize:  weak chin