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Need profile view showing length of top head where top head is longer than profile.
Tautly flat.                                        Flat, can stand wine glass on head. (Note clear change of direction above eyes emphasized by light.) Flat and long. Softly flat.  Rounded into neck.   Extremely short forehead and skull. Often creates rounding in top head to allow room for brain.
Registering Organization Points Description
Head shape
Head: Shape/Size:  Forehead high, top of skull flat and narrow, smoothly curving into back of neck.. 
CCA 10
Head & Neck
The forehead is high.  The top of the skull is flat and long, descending straight to just above the eyes and then continues on a downward angle in a straight line to the tip of the nose.
CFA 20
Head & Neck
Head:  Top of skull long and flat in profile, gently descending to slightly above the eyes, ... Length of top-head should be greater than length of nose.
FIFe 25
Head:  Long and flat skull.  Faults:  Square head.  Round head.
Head & Ears
Head:  The distance from eyes to ears should be equal to or slightly longer than the wedge. The top of the head should appear flat between the ears. ... In profile the forehead should appear straight to the level of the upper edge of the eye.
Head Shape
Head: Shape: The flat top head from the front of the forehead back.  Profile:  Straight nose and flat forehead forming two planes.  Skull:  Top flat and narrow; forehead high.