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Russian Blue Resources

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The Russian Blue website provides a set of resources for breeders to use however Russian Blue owners are invited to participate as well because the more information we have, the more we can use it to help keep the breed vibrant and strong.

Our Mission

The goal of all reputable Russian Blue breeders is to conserve the breed for generations to come ensuring we adhere to the Russian Blue vision expressed in standards from organizations around the world. We measure our success in the health of the cats we produce and in the showring where judges determine how close the breeders are to producing the ideal cat.



How you can help

If you'd like to help:

We are creating a worldwide, cross-association pedigree database. The deadend page contains the names of cats whose parentage we don't know--check your pedigree and see if you can solve any of the mysteries.

We are also trying to understand more precisely about the genetic makeup of the cats and what features their offspring inherit. This helps us make more informed decisions about how we breed. To do this, we have created a profile for the Russian Blue that we can use to evaluate our cats complete with illustrations. Y
ou can help by completing a profile for your Russian Blue as well. Just drop by the profile page, click on the feature and then click the radio button that is closest to how your cat looks. (++/-- don't mean good or bad--they mean more or less of a feature). If your cat is a wonderful pet who has been neutered or spayed, you don't need to complete the set of radio buttons about what the cat throws.

Thanks for dropping by and we hope you choose to participate!

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: